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Over forty years ago, a family-owned fire-life safety and security systems integration company was born. The company flourished based on their core values of being accountable, building respectful and transparent relationships, striving for excellence, and measuring efforts through customer success. With growth and success came new challenges that modern technology could surely help. However, there was not a software solution that catered to the security integration community.

The absence of a solution came to a head in 2001 at an entrepreneurial development conference. A question was posed: What bottleneck in your industry would you pay $1,000,000 to solve?

For the security integration company, the problem that needed solving was how to connect all the disparate systems the business was using – from cut sheets in binders filling an entire wall of the office, to recreating the wheel for every project proposed, to jobs floating around the office in binders for project management. How could they integrate each of these systems, become more efficient, save money on manpower, eliminate errors, and streamline business operations?

The final push also arrived around this time. A significant project nearing completion for a top customer had a big mistake. The project was in its closing stages, ready to be finalized. Yet a last-minute discovery was made that an important permit hadn’t even been issued for the job – it hadn’t made it from one electronic checklist to another. This error was a driving force in finding a better way to operate the business.

In 2002, the security integration company began building a unified software system to allow them to execute at a high level for their current customers with the opportunity to grow. The system was implemented immediately and continued to be upgraded over the years to meet the whole company’s needs. The impacts were phenomenal:  Over $100,000 was saved on employees with this investment. It also improved the salespeople’s’ efficiencies, and their sales doubled with the new process.

After six years of development and in-house testing, the software was ready to share with other businesses that could benefit from its development. Capital was ready to be raised to form a new company and share this gem with other specialty contractors that could harness its power. Unfortunately, the economy fell apart in 2008. The decision was made that it was poor timing, and the project went on hold to ensure the security integrator’s viability by not sucking up resources in a down economy. Nevertheless, internal use of the software continued with additional developments.

With great technological strides at this time, further investments were made in order to ready the software to be commercially viable. Finally in 2018, FCP Insight’s Business Control Center was introduced to the market. The significant investment, patience, and dedication to providing an all-in-one solution for specialty contractors paid off with the introduction of IBCC.

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